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A very nice combination of Tobacco, Vanilla and Caramel flavors all wrapped into one of the first and still most popular flavors today.

All Xtreme Juice are made in the USA with a 70/30 PG/VG mix. Natural and Artificial Flavoring, no sweetener.

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Due to individual tastes, all e-juices are non-returnable, non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
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    RY-4 Fluid

    Posted by Zach Chichwak on 28th Feb 2019

    Each pallet is different. What tastes sweet to me might well be bitter in your mouth. But there is a baseline. A basic interpretation of flavors and their intensities that we can all intelligently comprehend. RY-4 is a 3-part-hybrid of tobacco, caramel and vanilla. But truthfully, to me, it tastes like my cigarette of choice, Camel Turkish Golds. I smoked them for more than ten years and when I decided to try the Ecig it was so I could have something to smoke ABSOLUTELY ANYWHERE. At the start, I had no intention of replacing my cigarettes with ecig use but that's just what happened. To say the RY-4 is a smooth smoke is an understatement. It's full bodied yet in no way overpowering. You can definitely tell that your not smoking a camel but that's not a bad thing here. Don't think vanilla ice cream, think vanilla extract. And don't think werther's original when mentally deciphering the caramel, think more of a very diluted coffee creamer. The sweetness in both cancel one another out and are wrapped in a tobacco blanket and when smoked it's a symphony of something all its own. I've been smoking it for almost 6 years exclusively and can't imagine using a substitute. There's a few imitators but the RY-4 via vaping xtreme is MY "brand" as it were; and I highly recommend to both the first time users and those that are seeking tobacco taste over food flavors. Highly recommend.

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