Suorin Air Kit

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Suorin Air Kit
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 The Suorin Air is a small e-cig that is as tall as a credit card and almost as thin as one too.  Made by the same manufacturers of the iPhone
 the quality and the technology are ready for use right out of the box...just fill the cartridge with your favorite e-liquid,

 or try Salt Nicotine E-Liquid.

 It comes with a 400mAh battery and 2ml cartridge.
The Suorin Air measures just 86mm x 54mm x 8mm and weighs a mere 136g, making it one of the most discrete devices on the market.
The Suorin Air features a 30 minute charge time through the included USB and the Suorin Air Pod (a refillable pod), unlike so many of the new systems.
The Suorin Air vape is available in multiple colors, including rose gold, black, gunmetal, and pink.
The Suorin Air starter kit is one of the easiest kits to use, 



- (1) USB cable
- (1) User Manual