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 Location: East Texas Review: Excellent kit, you just can't go wrong with these batteries, and the service is unmatched and I have tried a couple of others. Vapingxtreme is where I will continue to purchase my vaping supplies Rating: 5 I must share!!!

Theresa, Tega Cay SC

I am far beyond delighted with my new eCig!!! In fact, I am blown away with everything about it.

To think that for so long ( I said I was gaping for six mos. Connor corrected me afterwards and reminded me its been since last May, so coming on a year!) I vaped on an inferior, so sub-par product ...well, it makes me mad. I never thought vaping could be quite this enjoyable, easy and relaxing.

I say relaxing, because a mere few days ago, vaping for me meant batteries that lasted 30 minutes, awful tasting juice leaking into my mouth, weak vapes 95% of the time, money going down the drain...need I go on? NOT relaxing.

I want to offer my Customer Satisfaction verbiage to you for your website. I am that happy. If you have a testimonial section ( if you don't, you may want to consider! People trust other buyers over the vendor him/herself, I find this in my business as well) additionally, if you'd like to quote me saying something about the workplace, I can do that. Won't OUT my company, but will certainly put it out there.

Name removed and I have decided we are going to get more entrenched in our new passion...Vaping. It's something I can connect with him on. I like that ( I wish it were something a bit more wholesome but gotta meet these kids where they're at).

So, when your shipment of clearomizers come in, I'd like several. ETA?

Again. Thanks for your hospitality and time in a Sunday.