Vaporizing Devices

Though these images are dated, they still show the basics of how ALL e-cigs/vape devices work.
Tanks. Atomizers, Carotomizers, Clearomizers and more.
In the "How they work" post, we learned how the boiler basically converts the
liquid to steam the same way a pot of boiling water turns to steam.
We will now learn about the different ways or devices used to to convert the liquid to steam.

Some helpful definitions:

Coil / Atomizer (coil)
Cartomizer (Carto) very old
Tank / Clearomizer (we just call them tanks now)
Lets get started with Atomizer
In theory, any device which is used to convert a liquid to a vapor is an atomizer. It converts liquid atoms to vapor atoms. E-cigs use a heater/boiler type atomizer.
Simply put, all e-cig devices have some form or another of an atomizer. It is just the configuration of the device which has given it different names.
The atomizer contains a small heating coil that vaporizes the liquid, and generally consists of a simple filament and wicking metal mesh to draw the liquid in. It is positioned in the center of the three components that make up the entire electronic cigarette cylinder, as the cartridge attaches to one end, and the power unit to the other. The atomizer's filament will lose efficiency over time due to a buildup of sediment, or "burns out" entirely, requiring replacement. In some models, the cartridge and atomizer component are integrated, known as a cartomizer.
Standard sub-ohm Tank Breakdown

Cartomizer: (obsolete)
One of the first and up to recently, probably the most popular
device ever used.
It is a cylindrical metal tube will an absorbent material (keeps the liquid from pouring out)
with a heating coil. It holds small amounts of liquid and requires filling more often than some other devices. They are inexpensive. You can drip liquid (a few drops at a time) into it 
when a drip tip is used. This will it full keep it working well. They taste great.

Clearomizers (obsolete but same principle)
Clearomizers have become one of the most popular devices on the market today.
You get the best of an atomizer type device along with a tank.

Dual Coil Tanks (DCT) (obsolete)
A DCT is simply explained as a cartomizer inside a tank.
No need to continuously fill it by dripping liquid in the top. The DCT carto has a hole in the side that allows liquid to seep into the carto keeping it moist and ready to vape.

eGo Style Tank System (obsolete)
The eGo style tank system works a little different. It contains 4 components. A base, atty head, cone and tanks.
Just assemble the base, atty and cone, fill the the tank then insert the tank into the cone.

This is just a few of the different devices that will work for you.
With todays technology moving so fast and the growing demand for different products, we cannot list all of them here.
We are always researching and testing new products to keep on top of the latest products to keep you up to date with the next best thing.
Please continue to visit our e-cig info section for new product updates and reviews.