Where to Begin

I recommend reading  our " Why e-cigs" post first.
There you will get a better understanding of e-cigarettes and if you want to continue on your journey to a better life.
After you have read the "Why e-cigs" post, move on to the "how they work" post.
This will help you understand the mechanics of e-cigs. Understanding how they work
and what you will need for your transition over to e-cigs.
Definitions and Terminologies:
Electronic Cigarette
    ecig, e-cig, e-cigarette
    electronic replacement for a traditional tobacco cigarette.
    Traditional tobacco cigarette.
    e-juice, nic juice, 
   Substance found in not only tobacco but most vegetables and e-liquids.
   PG/VG Mix
   PG - Propylene Glycol. Used for Throat Hit (TH) and feeling
   VG - Vegetable Glycol. Used for vapor.
E-cig battery
    Battery that powers e-cig
    mah - milliamp hour: how long a battery will last between charges.
    Auto/Manual: auto batteries do not have a manual button. Manual batteries   
    requires the user to push the button to energize the e-cig.
   the heater/boiler that turns the liquid to vapor
Tank/Clearomizer/Cartomizer (tank is the main terminology)
   A container or tank that contains a type of atty/coil and holds e-liquid
Clearomizer (this is old terminology, we just call them tanks now) 
   Similar to a carto in that it contains an atty and holds e-liquid but has a clear  
   liquid container